Who is the better QB RIGHT NOW?

Matthew Stafford vs. Jay Cutler


#WRSVersus Hip-Hop Edition

3 questions…

1. Which group had a bigger impact on you?
2. Which group had a bigger impact on Hip-Hop in general?
3. Which group made better music?

Public Enemy vs. NWA


Check out episode 22 as the guys discuss all things Ready To Die on the 20th anniversary of its debut. #respectheatholderz

Hip-Hop 365 Day 986 20th Anniversary Extras: Ready To Die the Entire Album

#NotoriousBIG - #ReadyToDie
Released September 13, 1994
Recorded 1993–94; The Hit Factory, D&D Studios; New York City
#EastCoast #HipHop
Length 68:58
Label Bad Boy Records
Bluez Brothers Sean “Puffy” Combs (also exec.) DJ Premier Easy Mo Bee Lord Finesse Poke Darnell Scott Chucky Thompson
4x platinum by RIAA

It’s our look at the Canadian Men’s National Team vs. Jamaican Men’s National Team!

We kick off the show in Segment 1 “The First Round” giving our views from the game on Tuesday night from two different vantage points, Aaron from the stands and Kamal from the press box.

We wrap up the show with Segment 2 “Last Call” with interviews from the Reggae Boyz Omar Holness and Andre Blake, discuss the rise of Caribbean and Central American talent within MLS and the overall good position CONCACAF finds itself in at the moment.

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The week in sports was filled with scandal, and the biggest one was the Ray Rice’s domestic violence video situation. We’re going to break it all down and have some in-depth conversation about this very real topic.

We’ll also have our weekly conversation with Miami Hurricanes insider (Sports Talk Florida) Fred Perdue about his college football games of the week.

This is an episode you DO NOT want to miss!

Kamal Hylton and Aaron Nielsen bring their usual analysis, discussion and opinions to the table… this time looking at European soccer with a North American eye.

Topics for this show include:

- CONCACAF players in European leagues

- Interviews with European-based Canadian Men’s National Team players Simeon Jackson and Julian De Guzman

- Should unattached CONCACAF players look towards MLS




#WRSVersus (Video Game Edition)

Who is/was the better Mortal Kombat character?

Sub Zero vs Scorpion


Tune in to After Further Review with Christopher “The Mayor” Dinkins as he brings you the latest and most up to date in SPORTS! “We TALK SPORTS like we TALK SPORTS over here!”

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